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Elizabeth is running to be Loudoun's chief law enforcement officer. That doesn't mean jailing our way out of an addiction crisis or prosecuting poverty. But it does mean holding criminals to account, especially when they pose a threat to the safety of our community. 

As the Loudoun County Commonwealth's Attorney, Elizabeth will use her experience working with judges, attorneys, criminal justice reform leaders, victims, and law enforcement to create a justice system that takes a wholistic approach to prosecution and sentencing while holding public safety and fairness as her two most important values.

Ensuring that our community remains a safe place to work, live, and raise a family should be the number one priority of our county prosecutor. However, over the past few years, we’ve seen mistake after mistake that has led to horrible, and even deadly, consequences.


Our shared Democratic ideals mean that we must not only understand how we got to this point in time, but really grapple with how we can make our community a beacon from criminal justice reform in Virginia and nationwide. That doesn’t mean stopping prosecution of violent crime, but it also doesn’t mean allowing criminals to go unchecked.


Too many in our justice system feel persecuted, confused, or scared, and the Office must work to ensure there are transparent policies that focus on fairness and equitably pursue just outcomes. There cannot be two systems of justice for the haves and the have nots in our county.


However, there can be no justice unless all parties to our criminal justice system are operating in a professional, competent, and compassionate manner. That’s what Elizabeth will work to restore for the families of Loudoun County. She’ll work with community leaders to hear input on policies and defer prosecutions when it’s the right thing to do. But Elizabeth will also listen to victims and their families and fully prosecute crime that can make our communities feel unsafe. As Commonwealth’s Attorney, Elizabeth will make clear what can be expected inside the courthouse so that judges and attorneys can operate with a shared set of expectations, and she’ll ensure that we are actually able to implement criminal justice reform policies that bring progress to Loudoun, rather than stumble through with missteps and backtracks.

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